Move to Los Angeles?? Help :)?

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Move to Los Angeles?? Help :)?

Post  martin2020 on Fri Jul 01, 2011 3:26 am

Hello I'm sixteen years old and I'm from Northern Ireland. I plan to move to Los Angeles when I'm eighteen or nineteen years old to attend college. My dream college is FIDM. I would like to know what I will have to do such as green cards, my application to FIDM etc.

Should I
apply to FIDM first?
apply for my green card first? What age should I apply for it so that I can be more or less guaranteed that I will have it in time. I've heard it can take years.

I plan to get a part time job in September and will just try to save some money and my parents have said that they will help me out at the start.

Please no answers like: You're just copying The Hills, You need money etc.
I understand that life is not like The Hills and that renting an apartment in L.A is expensive- I will have roommates to cut the cost:)

Whatever information that you have is appreciated and sorry for the amount of questions Smile
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