Computer Project - web design analysis?

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Computer Project - web design analysis?

Post  martin2020 on Sat Jun 25, 2011 1:58 am

Please help me out here. I made another question about this but still got no answers. Please help...I tried getting information from the internet but it didn't help me out.
I choose web design as the problem for my project. I should cover all the main sections but right now I need to know about the analysis section. This is how my analysis section goes:

01.Introduction of the organisation
I have given full background information about this.

02. Description of the existing solution
03. Evaluation of the existing solution
04. Description of possible solution
05. Evaluation of possible solution
06. Criteria for success

I haven't covered the part from 02 to 06. So please help me here
If i don't show the analysis section to the teacher at the right time, I would get no marks at all. I should submit even the analysis section as soon as possible. Please don't explain what it should do because I already know that but the thing is it's very hard for me. I understand for example "Description of existing solution". Here I should point out the advantages, disadvantages and suggested improvement. But what the advantages really? I think you can understand what I'm trying to say here.
Please him me out...I've been struggling with this project for like a month and I haven't even completed the first section. So please understand the situation and help me out here


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