Tips to become a qualified SEO...

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Tips to become a qualified SEO...

Post  martin2020 on Thu May 12, 2011 11:30 pm

I know how you feel, so much work, but no effect. This is a case of needing to work smarter, not harder.
Remember, SEO is done on a PAGE level, not a whole SITE level. That means each page within
your site can be SEO-d for a specific keyword. You'll need to structure your site correctly
to take advantage of this.
Also, you need to choose the right keywords to promote. If your keywords have too little
traffic, or are too competitive, or have no commercial intent value, then you will not make
There are 4 rules to keyword research to follow:
-High Relevancy (keyword is related to your product)
-High Traffic (more traffic = more sales)
-High Commercial Intent (how willing ppl are to buy)
-Low Competition (so you can rank well in Google)


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