Certified medication aide in missouri need help plz?

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Certified medication aide in missouri need help plz?

Post  martin2020 on Wed Aug 24, 2011 12:42 am

I applied for a job and that job requires me to be a CMA (certified medication aide). I took a course with a past employer and was told it was to required to become a CMA. So all this time I thought that is what the course was for but then today I pulled out the card i got after I completed the course and was reading it and it says department of mental health
This certifies that the individual named below has met the state regulatory requirements to be a division of mental retardation and developmental disabilities medication aide. then it has my certificate number and date on it. So, does this mean the course i took was not a certified medication aide course, but rather a course stritly for dispensing medication to DD individuals? I can tell you not once during the entire training did anyone make mention that this was anything other than a course to become CMA.

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