MIT Report on Fuel Cycles

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MIT Report on Fuel Cycles

Post  martin2020 on Tue Jun 21, 2011 5:54 am

The report is at best half-baked. Long term denial of uranium to India, which was possible only due to regional shortage of uranium resources, did not do any good to anyone, India or the deniers. It only helped an Islamic fundamentalist regime to gain nuclear weapon advantage. Fast reactor technology will ease uranium availability, hindered by NIMBY opposition, as well as SNF storage problems. Cost of uranium fuel is only one of considerations and it changes with time, place and circumstances.
A satisfactory development of fast reactor technology, with immediate aim of replacing sodium with a safer alternative, will entirely remove the fuel shortage from the world energy scene. (Even India has enough of depleted uranium and the development of fast reactors is only tied to availability of reactor grade plutonium from reprocessing). A Molten Salt Breeder Reactor may be the next step.
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